Justan Elk Artworks

Noteworthy influences, very helpful people, and things related and not at all related to photography. In other words, it’s an opportunity to say thanks!

Bill Tondreau

Bill has been very generous with his time and knowledge. He was one of the first to suggest doing panoramic work. For my part, I have punished him ever since with my requests for guidance with this very complex and often unwieldy art form. He’s always provided the key details to get me past an immediate obstacle, and the ones that come up after that. Bill’s many achievements are nothing short of amazing. All of which show that some can achieve great success and still be a darned fine example of a great person!

Tim Wolcott

To study his works is to learn from one of the best around. Tim is one of the most significant contributors to digital photography and is always willing to offer some friendly and oh so very useful advice.

Keith Lebenzon

A first cousin and inspiration who I miss.

Chris Lebenzon

A first cousin whose influence defies my humble attempts to put to words. Google the name.

Due to the continual encouragement from a few very good friends I have pursued the goal of putting together a presentable collection. First on this list is Jan Allenbach who is my best friend, the love of my life, and my partner. Kathy Schilb a very good friend, constructive critic, and co-worker who made the difference in my decision to pursue this goal. Phil Lane a good friend going back over 30 years and highly objective critic of my work. I've received insightful feedback from a few others who, in the interest of protecting them from any blame shall remain nameless. If you like the work it is in part due to them.

Thanks to http://www.tsl-systems.com for their continued support. Without this group, this site would not exist. They provide the best business network IT support in the Seattle Area!

Last and most certainly not least, my neighbor Brad Crandell who just happens to be a web designer of http://www.pugetsoundwebdesign.com I owe a debt of great and sincere thanks! When the chips were down for me he offered a helping hand that made this site possible. That, dear reader is as good as it gets! If you are looking for a web designer please contact him at info@pugetsoundwebdesign.com I am certain you will be happy with the results!

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